Welcome to Raymond's page!

A little about myself: I work as a videographer/educational online CMS director for a nationally known community college. This webspace is part of my learning curve to disseminate information to a college committee of which I've been elected Chair. Wish me luck.

My background is in video production. Currently, my main job responsibility is to work with faculty to help them prepare their materials for online course sites. We now use the Course Management System Desire2Learn and have over 1000 course sites offered to students each semester. We offer template pages for our faculty to modify for their courses so they can concentrate on the content, not the aesthetic look and feel of the courses. This also presents a consistent and professional look to most of our courses so our students can find things more easily.

I have been selected to give presentations with colleagues about the system we use at various conferences around the country. These conferences have been over the last few years as we're not usually allowed to go to more than one or two conferences a year. I have worked at this college for just over 28 years.

I also freelance doing camera work for televised events like concerts and sports around the Southeastern United States. Over the past 15 years I have worked for ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPNU, ESPN+, ESPN International, ESPN3, Fox Sports, Comcast Sports and once for ABC Sports. Events have included football, basketball, hockey, college baseball, college softball, soccer, bowling, Ultimate Fighting, boxing, golf and others. I am, however, not an expert. There are plenty of professional full-time freelancers who are much better camera operators than I and have done a wider variety of events. They are the men and women I think are the true television professionals.

Thanks for stopping by.