D2L Training - Day Three 1-31-07 2:45 pm
-Starting off, learning about how to add columns and categories to the Grades area. Then how to select the options for the different types of assignments, quizzes, etc..
-the Grade Setup area is like a Preferences section. Grade Calculation - choices are Weighted or Points system.
Weighted - if the calculation is off, systme will tell you
-Grade release- can be adjusted by the instructor at the end of the semester or is strictly calculated and not manipulated by the instructor.
-when the instructor goes to the Grades it setup up the table each time, so if there are lots of students or losts of graded items, it takes time to load.
-Creating a formula in D2L looks similiar to WebCT (drop box with course assessment items, onscreen keypad, dropbox with formula items like max, min, sum, avg, if, etc.) , BUT you can insert things in the middle of the formula and you can use the keyboard to insert numbers and commas
-we've been going over quizzes this afternoon -- it will be better to go into the Question library, create a category, create questions in it then create the quiz and push/pull the quesions from the category/library to the quiz itself.